Approval letter for Vietnam visa on arival from 8 USD

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With Minh Anh Travel, you can get your approval letter at only 8 USD /person –  Cheapest  fee for now – fast delivery 3 days turn around time – On line secure payment via Paypal – More than happy 3000 clients ! Guaranteed Satisfaction or Money Back 


Please befor order your invitation letter with us, read our instructions below

1- To get invitation letter with us , you have to provide  your scanned Passport ( or passport picture ) , your payment ID , and exact arrival and departure date  soon after your payment to visa team in this mail  Without this document and infos,  we can’t apply approval letter at immigration service for you

2- Please be sure about the kind of Vietnam Visa on arrival to apply for – There are:

- One month single entry

- One month multiple entries

-Tree months single entry

- Tree months multiple entries 

3-  After your payment , please  go to our  Facebook page vietnamvisaminhanhtravel to make confirmation  of your order , we will confirm by our side and reply by facebook when the invitation letter  are available and  sent by mail 

So choose you right bouton to apply for a approval letter to obtain your landing Vietnam visa on line  now

Approval letter for Vietnam Visa

You can order approval letter for one month single entry visa for more than 1 person here

1 entry 1 month Tourist Visa – 3 days delivery

Express service for Vietnam visa up on arrival here

Approval letter Express service

Please check our Money Back Guarantee policy

money-backAll orders for approval letter on line at Minh Anh Travel website are guaranteed Money Back Guarantee. If we don’t  deliver the invitation letter in the frame time ( 3 business days after the confirmation of your payment and document ) you can ask for refund no questions asked

Here are Updated fees for approval letter for Vietnam visa on arrival in 2015

N Kinds of Visa Price in USD  Time Attention 
1  1 month single entry USD 8 2-3 days Express Service 25 USD – Delivery  24 hours
 1 month multiple entry USD 25
2  3 months 1 entry USD 30 2-3 days Express Service 40 USD – Delivery  24 hours
 3 months multiple entry USD 35 3-4 days Express Service 40 USD – Delivery  24 hours
4  6 months 1 entry ( not AVAILAIBLE ) USD 199 3-7 days ( not AVAILAIBLE )
5 6 months multiple entry  ( not AVAILAIBLE ) USD 235 3-7 days
6  Saturday work ( only morning ) USD 65 1 day
7 Saturday, Sunday work ( out of working times ) USD 85 10 – 12h
8 For Middle Est nationalites AKS BEFORE ORDER 7 – 15 days AKS BEFORE ORDER
9 For African nationalities AKS BEFORE ORDER 7 – 15 days AKS BEFORE ORDER

For any request, please feel free to ask our team !

20 thoughts on “Approval letter for Vietnam visa on arival from 8 USD

  1. Hello,

    From your experience after how long does it have to queue on arrival at HCM to obtain a visa?

    Best Regards.

    • Hi,

      It depends on the number of people who have chosen to make their visa on arrival and your seat on the plane.If you are near the exit door, you are likely to go first, so fast. If this is not the case …It also depends on the immigration officials. It took me between 15 to 20 minutes last time, but we were only a dozen to ask for our visa.

      HCM is quite known as Saigon.

      Hope that help

  2. Hello,

    As part of a trip to Vietnam is that you apply for a visa at the embassy first and then after getting this one you buy your ticket or you do the opposite? In what order these operations mua be proceeded ? What order it is most logical? Thank you to let me know your experience in this manner


  3. Hello,

    I had to modify my trip originally planned in Vietnam with arrival in Ho Chi Minh. I finally make my way to Bangkok. I bought an additional ticket Ho Chi Minh Bangkok with another Asian company.I wonder if in this case I was staying in the transit area in the airport or if it made me cross the border which would require a visa. Recognizing also that I will probably have to recover baggage to transfer them to another flight (unless I take a hand luggage)

    Thank you for your answers

    • Hello,

      If you have luggage, you will need a visa.Indeed, you will enter Vietnam.If you have hand luggage, you will remain in the international zone and there, no pb.a solution is to take the same company for the whole trip and see with her luggage transfer.

      Good day

  4. Hi all,

    Currently in Australia, I have a plan to make Southeast of Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) in 2015, the only small problem I meet, even after multiple searches on the internet, it is for the visa for Vietnam …

    For Thailand, no problem , for Cambodia and Laos , i can claim a visa on arrival”, but not in Vietnam, knowing I’ll probably move from one country to another through land borders, if anyone has information about how to obtain a visa for tourist in Vietnam let me know!

    Thank you in advance,


    • Good Evening,

      For Vietnam, if you arrive first, make a visa on arrival from where you are (it does not matter), but begin from Vietnam to the first country as the visa on arrival is valid to arrive at an airport, not a land border …

      If Vietnam is not your first visit to the country, you will have to take a visa at the Embassy of Vietnam in Australia or another country … because there you cross the land border

      Best Regards

  5. Hello everyone,

    I go for a ride in East Asia in 10 days and my lack of organization that I have not got my visa for Vietnam. I do not want to risk my passport to the Embassy of Paris for fear of not being able to retrieve it before my departure. My tour is starting with Cambodia, I wondered if it was possible to get a visa to Vietnam from another Asian country?

    Thank you for your answers.


    • Hi Marion,

      You have 2 solutions:

      If you enter Vietnam from Cambodia by AIRway, visa on arrival; view all posts in this page about it. It is done online in 2-3 days, less for an extra fee. It’s cheaper than a consulate service

      If you are entering Vietnam by land, exemple the fast boat Phnom Penh Chau Doc, you need a visa in advance by a consulate in Cambodia

      Hope that help

  6. Hello,

    I’m off to Vietnam in mid-March. I read a lot of informations on visa applications.

    But I did not understand the process. What does it do exactly?

    Send my passport to the embassy or use an agency?

    Thank you in advance for your valuable advice,

    • Hello, xylophon

      Do not be worried about this because it’s easier than you thought, actually there are 2 ways to get the visa for Vietnam

      1 – Via vietnam embassy

      It’s all in one option, that is to say, you contact their consulate service for information on the visa and prices (it depends your goal for your stays in Vietnam and its duration) you will have rates that vary but it takes about 80 USD for the simplest ( one month one entry visa ) – You have to send money and passport by post to request and then after a few days you will get back for your visa vietnam already in your passport. But according to many travellers and bloggers, it’s a little stressful and is expensive

      You can go to the website for more information

      With the visa in this first option, you will have the opportunity to enter Vietnam by land borders and by air way

      2- Via a Vietnamese agency and visa on arrival (only by air way)

      In summary, we must make this visa in 2 steps

      A -Request a letter of invitation

      You can not ask by your self for a letter of invitation for Vietnam because it is official but that’s OK if you pass by an official agency as Minh Anh Travel – It takes 2-3 days for the price from USD 8 you need to send us a passport photo and travel dates,just online from your home . The biggest Advantage: no worries for sending real passport and cheap price

      B – Make your visa on arrival

      When you have a letter of invitation, then wait for your departure, at the time of boarding, if someone ask for your visa, show your letter of invitation and you pass – When you get off the plane, you must do the visa in following theses steps

      Present your passport + invitation letter + Photo
      Fill a sheet with information about yourself
      They’ll call you when the visa is ready
      Pay Visa cost (from 45USD) and that’s it!
      This is an option that is in vogue at the moment, even if you can find here and there, in the blogs or other travel forums, warnings on this visa , But do not worry, it’s just a warning against the unreliable agencies, then we must find a good one

      Take your time to read more about Visa infos in the website and I hope you will have a good decision

      Nice day

  7. Hello,
    I will be in Vietnam for two months from 1 February.
    I received my invitation letter from you, no problem
    I am just wondering if I can pay my visa in Ho Chi Minh with Euros.
    Thank you

  8. Hello everyone,

    We are a family with 2 children (3 and 7 years old) and we will go to Vietnam three weeks in February / March 2015. We are preparing the trip now and of course there is the question of the Visa. I have read many discussions on this forum regarding visas on arrival but all these posts doesnt mention the company with which we start, namely Etihad Airways (stopover in Abu Dhabi). Some of you have traveled recently with this company practicing visa on arrival for Vietnam?

    • Hello,

      The visa on arrival has nothing to do with the company that you choose to flight to Vietnam ,I t is a passport-related formalities whatever the company that transports you. Many of our clients use this company (classy !!!) with visa on arrival, no problem.

      Best Regards.

  9. Hello everyone!

    My wife and I go as tourists to Vietnam from 19 to 31 March 2015, with a trip to Cambodia (Angkor). Indeed, our Paris tour operator is not 100% sure of formalities for the Belgians and the French Embassy in Brussels has not answered after several calls.

    At first glance, two options to FRENCH (but these opportunities are they the same for Belgians? Crazy)

    1. Obtain a letter of invitation through our tour operator and take visas in Hanoi.
    2. Take our visas (+/- 120 € per person) in Europe, to the embassy.

    And if so, which do you advise? The invitation letter seems cheaper, but do we not at risk of being turned back on arrival in Hanoi

    Thank you in advance for your answers!


    • Same approach for the Belgians and for French

      To enter Vietnam it is essential to have a passport valid for at least six months until you leave Vietnam.

      The different types of visa to Vietnam:

      1.1 The tourist visa:

      The visa for one month for entering one time.
      The visa for one month for entering multiple times. For example: You arrive to Vietnam and Cambodia, and then go back to Vietnam.
      The three-month visa for entering one time.
      The three-month visa for entering multiple times.

      2.The opportunities for the visa to Vietnam:

      2.1 The visa on arrival:

      The visa previously issued by the Central Immigration Department in Hanoi, at the request of a licensed travel agency like us and it is done on arrival in Vietnam.

      How It Works:

      You send passport scan of all people in your group to a Minh Anh travel or a travel agency in Vietnam.

      This agency will require prior authorization of entry at Immigration Department, and return the invitation lettet by email (this fact takes about 3 days)
      You print this authorization, take the flight to Vietnam, get to the airport, a dn do somethings below:

      – Fill a declarations sheet
      – Introduce the authorization letter
      – Present your valid original passport
      – Introduce two recent passport photos
      – Pay 45USD / person by cash for one month single entry visa, 65usd / person for one month multiple entry visa, 95USD / person for a visa three months.
      – Wait a few minutes (sometimes more Uncertain) and exit the airport. Well, that’s all.

      2.2 The visa obtained directly by the traveler with a Vietnam Embassy or Consular Service in charge of consular functions. This type of visa is the most expensive. For specific requirements, please contact the Embassy of Vietnam established in your country.

  10. Hello,

    We start to VN family (2 children 7 and 3 years) and arrive the day of Tet … 19/02!

    We read that this day is a public holiday in VN! So we have several questions:

    – We wanted to Visas “On Arrival” is it possible that day (we come to HCM)?

    -We Would like to find a local agency that could take care of our invitations for visas, booking hotel in Saigon and pick us up at the airport … If you have good reliable contacts we are takers! Wink

    – At the celebration of Tet: the “official” day being 19/02, what is happening the following day? Y t he still has the festivities? Is everything still blocked / closed? If so how many days in general?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback !!!

    • Hello,

      If the airport is open, there is no reason that it is not possible to obtain a visa.

      Why go through an agency to book a hotel and ensure your transfer from the airport? If you yourself choose your hotel it will cost you less and will ensure trouble-free transfers.

      Remember that during the Tet hotel rooms are hard to find and that the movements are much more complicated. You have to book well in advance.

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