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The types of entry visa on arrival at the airport in Vietnam

There are four types of visas on arrival at the airport:

The visa 1 month – single entry
The visa 1 month – multiple entries
The visa 3 months – single entry
The visa 3 months – multiple entries

The cost of the visa depends on the type of visa you are requesting. To simplify, there are two payments

The stamping fees paid directly to the employee at the counter vary depending on the visa requested. The service fee for requesting and obtaining a copy of the approval letter for a visa at the airport to pay us for this service charge – But don’t worry , it’s not expensive !

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The visa procedure in brief

Step 1: The visa application

You must provide the following information listed on your passport Or you can send us your passport pictures

First name:
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Passport number:
Date of issue of passport:
Passport Expiry Date:

Upon receipt of the amount corresponding to the cost of services of the visa, we will forward your application to services Immigration. It will takes 2 business days to get a copy of the approval letter we send you by email or fax. You must print this letter for visa approval and bring it with you to Vietnam

Step 2: Obtain your visa on arrival at the airport

Once you arrive at the airport, looking for the visa counter. You fill out a form available at the counter. You will present the necessary documents:

The approval letter for visa
Your passport valid 3 month after the date of return from Vietnam,
The new form you just filled out,
2 recent passport photos,

The official retrieves all. You wait a few minutes, the time needed for verification of applications. You pay the cash in USD equal to the requested visa. The official give you back your passport with stamped visa. You head to the customs counter where a customs check and verify documents and affix a stamp. Now time to get your invitation letter for your visa to Vietnam

The documents required to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport.

Documents that you must present are:

– Your passport
– 2 recent passport photos,
– The approval letter for a visa
– A new form available at the counter
– The amount in USD equal to the requested visa.

Then wait a few minutes. Visa fees to be paid at the counter at the airport. You must pay this amount in cash directly to the official ticket office at the airport in Vietnam to get your visa to enter Vietnam.

– 45 USD for single entry visa for a period of 1 to 3 months.
– 65 USD for multiple entry visa lasting 1 to 3 months

Payment by credit card is not accepted for payment of these fees, so you will need to prepare the cash in USD (USD), in Euros or dong (VND). Please check Vietnam Visa stamp fees in this table ( applied from 2012 )

Vietnam Visa Fees Chart

The exceptions to this visa on arrival by plane

As the name suggests, this visa on arrival is applicable only for those arriving by air. It does not apply to persons entering Vietnam by land. You can get the visa in your passport with the letter of approval to three (3) following the Vietnam international airports:

Noi Bai (Hanoi) International Airport
Tan Son Nhat (HCMC) International Airport
Danang International Airport (Danang).

This formality is legal?

The visa on arrival is it a legal formality? This formality is legal. The visa on arrival is officially issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. This visa has the same value as the visa you ask the Vietnamese embassy abroad. More and more customers use this approach to obtain a visa on arrival in Vietnam.


The approval letter for visa: What is it? Cost?

The approval letter for a visa is a certificate furnished by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, stating that you have applied for a visa through a company or a travel agency in Vietnam. This application is approved for the persons mentioned in the list of this document. These people are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam for a specified number of times and for a fixed term. With it, you can take your visa upon arrival at one of the three international airports in Vietnam. You can see the sample of Visa aprroval letter

Price for approval letter for Vietnam visa in 2014

N Type of Visa Price USD Delivery Time Note
Price applied for any foreign nationalities
1 Tourist Visa 1 month 1 entry USD 8 2-3 days Express Visa in 24 h, please pay + 10 USD ( person ) Please ask before placing order
Tourist Visa 1 month multiple entry USD 25
2 Business Visa 3 months 1 entry USD 30 2-3 days Express Visa in 24 h, please pay + 10 USD in supplement  ( person ) Please ask before placing order
Business Visa 3 months multiple entry USD 35 3-4 days Express Visa in 24 h, please pay + 10 USD ( person ) Please ask before placing order
4 Business Visa 6 months 1 entry USD 199 3-7 days -You can obtain approval letter in holiday time  -Express Visa request in 2 – 6 h please pay 30 USD in supplement –Please , Contact us for more infos
5 Business Visa 6 months multiple entry USD 235 3-7 days
6 Visa request in Saturday ( only morning ) USD 65 1 day
7 Visa request in Saturday, Sunday ( out of working times ) USD 85 10 – 12h
8 Visa request for Middle Est nationalites USD 90 7 – 15 days Srilanka, Nepal, Bhutans , Bangladesh, Syria, Oman, Ageria, Pakistan, Libi,Documents for application: Passeport, Hotel booking confirmation, 2 ways flight tickets
9 Visa request for African nationalities USD 150 – 180 7 – 15 days Nigieria,  Cameroon, Nambia, Sudan, Congo, MaliDocuments for application: Passeport, Hotel booking confirmation, 2 ways flight tickets

For any request about Vietnam visa, please feel free to ask our team !

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How long it takes to get the approval letter for visa normally?

The approval letter is processed within two (2) working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), or 48 hours by Minh Anh Travel . In an emergency, it can processed the same day but the price will be higher. Emergency cases are very rare (oblivion). It’s best to take a month in advance.

The exact date of arrival in Vietnam

The arrival date is required. The departure date is not necessary.The visa lasts for one month or three months for a visa on arrival at the airport in Vietnam. Also, if you want you can extend your stay.

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Please dont’ forget to send us your scanned Passport ( or passport picture ) and your arrival date soon after your payment to this adresse visa@trekvietnamtour .com – We can’t supply any approval letter without this document and infos ! Thanks in advance

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Approval letter for Vietnam Visa

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